Aroma Hill - Hoffman Estates, Illinois

Questions About Buying

We accept debit cards and cash. We also have ATMs located in every store for your convenience.

On average, about 25% of your final bill is attributed to taxes. Getting a more accurate number depends on THC percentage. In Illinois, you’ll pay a state tax based on the products you buy. Here’s how state taxes break down: 10% tax on cannabis products with 35% THC or less 25% tax on cannabis products with 35% THC or more 20% tax on THC-infused cannabis products (edibles, tonics, liquids) 8-11% tax on all cannabis products, set by each town and county a store is located in

Ordering online is easy at AromaHill. If it’s your first time, you’ll need to register with us first. Then select your store and customer type, then add products to your cart from our real-time inventory. Once you’re done, hit submit and you’re all set! We’ll shoot you an email or text confirming that we’ve received your order.

Yes, we do offer a loyalty program where you can earn points for every purchase that can be used towards discounts on future orders.

We do not accept returns of any cannabis products. If you have any issues with your order, please contact us within 24 hours of receiving it.

Yes, we offer various discounts and promotions to our customers. Please check our website or sign up for our email newsletter to stay informed about current deals.

We are unable to make changes to orders once they have been placed. However, you can cancel your order if it has not been picked up at our location.

We currently do not offer wholesale options for dispensaries or retailers

In Illinois, the minimum age to purchase cannabis products is 21 years of age.

We currently do not offer shipping options.

  • Current and valid state-issued photo ID (Most forms of government identification are accepted.)
  • If you are a medical patient, bring your valid medical cannabis card.
  • There may be additional requirements, so double-check IL. State-specific guidelines prior to your visit.

Yes, Illinois is a legal cannabis state. You do not need a medical card.

Medical and recreational taxes vary by local area. Recreational taxes may include municipal or county taxes.

Of course! We are happy to guide you through our amazing products. We suggest you check out our menu prior to coming in and speak with our specialist about what you are looking for. Again, any question is a good question. We want to provide the best experience possible. And we update our menus constantly.

Questions About Products

Of course! We’d be happy to help you find products to fit your lifestyle. You can call or chat with us during normal business hours or email us anytime.

Our online menu is updated on a daily basis to provide our customers with the freshest products.

Yes. Be sure to check which location you’re shopping in the right-hand corner of your screen. Inventory is different based on the store you’re shopping at. If you have specific questions or product requests, please contact us.

Not currently but this service will be available soon.

All of our products are lab tested for purity and potency and are sourced from reputable growers and manufacturers.

All of our products are lab tested for purity and potency and are sourced from reputable growers and manufacturers.

Yes, all of our products are lab tested to ensure purity and potency

To preserve the quality of your cannabis products, store them in an airtight container in a cool, dry place away from light and heat.

Indica strains tend to have a relaxing, sedative effect, sativa strains tend to have a more uplifting and energizing effect, and hybrid strains are a combination of the two. Please review our Learning page.

The effects of different cannabis products can vary depending on the strain, method of consumption, and individual tolerance.

It is important to start with a low dose and wait at least an hour before consuming more. Everyone has different tolerance levels and reactions to cannabis.

Yes, cannabis use can have potential risks and side effects. It's important to use it responsibly and be aware of any potential risks.

In Illinois, adult-use cannabis possession limit is 30 grams of cannabis flower, 500mg of THC in a cannabis-infused product, and 5 grams of cannabis concentrate.

No, cannabis consumption is only allowed on private property.

It is illegal to drive under the influence of cannabis in Illinois and can result in serious penalties.

No, it is illegal to transport cannabis products across state lines, even if the destination state also has legal cannabis.

In Illinois it is legal for adults 21 and over to possess and gift up to 30 grams of cannabis flower, 500mg of THC in a cannabis-infused product, and 5 grams of cannabis concentrate to other adults 21 and over.

Yes, there are restrictions on the type and amount of cannabis products that can be purchased at one time. Please check with us for specific product availability and purchase limits.

Questions About Medical Cards

Unlike recreational customers, medical customers at AromaHill can purchase products up to the state-mandated limits. In Illinois, medical customers and caregivers can purchase up to 2 ounces of usable cannabis per 14-day period.

Any IL patient can now shop at AromaHill—regardless of where they’re registered. You no longer need to select a dispensary in Illinois, as the Governor signed HB 1443 into law on July 15th, 2021. Although you may be asked to designate a dispensary on your application, you will be able to purchase at any medical dispensary.

No, a medical cannabis card is not required to purchase products, but it may make you eligible for additional discounts or product options.

Store Information

Our hours of operation vary by location. Please check the website for specific store hour information for each location.

Yes, we have several physical storefront locations where you can browse and purchase our products. Please refer to the website for a list of locations.

You can contact our customer support team by phone (312) 755-2510 or . Our contact information can be found on our website or on the contact page.

We are always looking for talent at all levels. Visit us at AromahHIll/Careers. We would love to meet you and get to know more about your skills and background. Give us a shout.